Campbell & Campbell

Campbell and Campbell is a multi-disciplinary urban design, architecture, landscape architecture, and planning corporation established in 1983 by Douglas A. Campbell AICP, ASLA and Regula F. Campbell AIA.

Since the inception of our firm, we have had the opportunity to design in the context of many landmarks of natural, historic and cultural significance. In the course of this work we have gained wide public recognition for our demonstrated commitment to design excellence through the collaborative design process, environmental and social responsibility, and technical innovation.

Leadership in Sustainable Design

Campbell and Campbell is recognized for leadership in sustainable planning and design. We have achieved the highest LEEDS Platinum rating for North America in 2003 for our Audubon Center Project in Los Angeles. Campbell and Campbell serves as consultants for sustainable and regenerative design for a wide array of private, public sector and institutional clients.

Public Institutional Design

Our public projects include religious institutions, cultural destinations, museums, arboreta, libraries, parks, squares, plazas, and works of public art.

Urban Centers

The work of Campbell & Campbell includes city and regional scale urban infrastructure and design, waterfronts, transit systems, and academic and research campuses.

Environmental Restoration

We have interpreted a sweeping array of environments: Tropical jungles, deserts, Mediterranean coasts, ancient woodland, alpine fjord, and forests worldwide.


Environment and Social Responsibility

Environmentally and socially responsible sustainable planning and design is integral to our work. Our commitment to advancing the state of the art in the areas of restoration of natural and historic context, and accessible and environmentally ethical design has brought us international recognition.


Collaboration and Community

Campbell and Campbell has a record of over twenty years of successful collaboration with our partners, clients, regulatory agencies and consultants, and the public at large, which address and recover the loss of connections to community and the natural world, encouraging participation, stewardship, and engagement of memory and the imagination.

Featured Projects

Landscape Design

Hollywood Central Park

For the Friends of Hollywood Central Park


Creative Planet

For the Museum of Science & Industry, London


“This grass roots process transformed the way we, as an agency, designed coastal projects and led to a long-lasting trust and respect from the communities who became stewards of these new landscapes. As a result, the Campbells showed public agencies how landscape architects could lead a public process on controversial projects to a successful conclusion.”

Peter S. Brand

Senior Planner, California Coastal Conservancy

“It is exceptional in the restraint with which it is designed—merely a tree, a fountain and a wall. But these elements evoke the natural setting of woodland, mesa and arroyo, without seeming forced. I use it as an example to my students of how you make a powerful design statement with a minimum of design gestures.”

Michael O’Brien, ASLA

City of Los Angeles

“Campbell & Campbell’s efforts led this groundbreaking project: To construct a nature center in an urban setting and connect people with nature where they lived, creating an artistic interpretation that took Audubon’s view of nature as a place where formative experiences can sustain a lifetime of ecological values.”

Jeffery Chapman

Director, Audubon Center

Selected Clients


Campbell & Campbell is internationally recognized for leadership in the design of sustaining, regenerative environments.